About us

The Charles Close Society was founded in 1980 to bring together all those with an interest in the maps and history of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain and its counterparts in the island of Ireland. The Society takes its name from Colonel Sir Charles Arden-Close, OS Director General from 1911 to 1922, and initiator of many of the maps now sought after by collectors. A man of immense stature and accomplishment, he was the link between the OS traditions of the nineteenth century and the future practices of the twentieth.

The Society publishes a wide range of books and booklets on historic OS map series and also a journal, Sheetlines, which is recognised internationally for its specialist articles on Ordnance Survey-related topics, as well as containing news items and less serious pieces. Society members take part in regular visits to mapping organisations and map libraries at home and abroad, with a varied programme of meetings, including the ever-popular annual map market.

Membership is open to all, and now numbers nearly 700, some with a professional interest in maps, others current and former Ordnance Survey staff, students, amateur collectors and many who simply love maps. New members are always welcome.

Please visit the Society's website to see further: www.charlesclosesociety.org